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The process that we went thru was very smooth. It was a blessing to do business with Mark 
       Sharon Martin
Very quick closing Great Guy!         John Gaddy
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I will pay you a minimum of $250.00 for any house we buy that was referred by you. Additionally, I will pay you $500 for the second house, $750 for the third, and $1000 or more for the fourth house. Every house after that we at A O Home Solutions, LLC buy. Be my property locator and earn superior income. It just does not get any easier to get into the Real Estate Investing business.  See more details at

How does it work? We sell only good houses, but we buy all types of houses.

While your driving on your way to work, school, the supermarket, or anywhere, keep your eyes open for single family houses that are vacant, look like they need obvious repairs, and are for sale. For example, a boarded up house with the yard overgrown with shrubs and in desperate need of a new roof would be a perfect referral. These houses may or may not be in lower-priced areas, or they may be tucked away on a side street. They may belong to someone you know who needs to sell their house but has not listed it yet.

Just keep in mind, we buy UGLY and VACANT or PRETTY and VACANT houses for sale. The more repairs needed do not make a difference in our ability to buy. I like pretty houses and "fixer uppers" just as well. When you find a prospect house, take a few pictures of it from the front, both sides, and from the back if possible. Make sure you take note of the address. Then fill out the form below with the information of the house and your contact information.

Finally, send an email with the pictures as attachments to me with the address of the property in the subject line. Or you can mail the pictures to me including the property and your contact information.

I do not want or need homes listed by realtors!

It can be for sale by owner, or even have no for sale sign, as long as it is a vacant house for sale. Please do not send me for sale by owner website listings or listings, as these do not qualify (they're already available to me).
 I need real pictures you have taken, an address, and the owner's name, if possible.

How do you get paid?

When I receive the information that you send me, I will verify that it meets the simple criteria stated above. Then I will verify that the address is valid against the county tax rolls. If everything is satisfactory we will look at the house. 

At that point I will contact the owner to discuss the purchase of their house. If the seller and I can come to an agreement, and I buy the house, I will send you or bring you a check for $250.00 when I close on the house.
Send me up to ten addresses to start, then we can do more. Remember you can make $2,500.00 on the first 4 houses!

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